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Champoon By Theb Mahapaorya Pdf Freel

Champoon by Theb Mahapaorya: A Tragic Love Story in Thai Literature

Champoon is a novella written by Theb Mahapaorya, a Thai writer who won the Southeast Asian Writers Award in 1974. The novella was first published in 1954 and has been translated into several languages, including English, French, German, and Japanese. Champoon is considered one of the most popular and influential works of modern Thai literature, as it portrays the social and cultural aspects of southern Thailand in the early 20th century, as well as the themes of love, fate, and human dignity.

The story revolves around the tragic love affair between Champoon, a beautiful and strong-willed girl from a wealthy family, and Nai Amnuey, a well-educated and handsome man from a rival clan. Their romance is forbidden by their families and society, and they face many obstacles and dangers in their pursuit of happiness. The story ends with a shocking twist that reveals the fate of the lovers and the consequences of their actions.

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Summary of Champoon by Theb Mahapaorya

The story begins with an unnamed narrator who meets Nai Amnuey in a hospital, where he is confined for being insane. Nai Amnuey tells the narrator his story, which is then presented as a flashback. The narrator also provides some background information about the setting and the characters.

Nai Amnuey is a 28-year-old man who can speak five languages and has a refined manner. He comes from a prominent family in Songkhla, a province in southern Thailand. His family is involved in a long-standing feud with another clan, led by Taokae Soon, a rich and powerful businessman who is also known as Big Brother Soon. Taokae Soon has a daughter named Champoon, who is named after a famous flower. Champoon is 18 years old and has a bright and attractive appearance. She is also very stubborn and determined, and does not care about social norms or traditions.

Nai Amnuey and Champoon meet by accident when Nai Amnuey's car breaks down near Champoon's house. They are instantly attracted to each other and fall in love at first sight. They begin to secretly meet and exchange letters, despite the risk of being discovered by their families or enemies. They also plan to elope and start a new life together.

However, their love affair is soon exposed by Taokae Soon's spies, who inform him of his daughter's betrayal. Taokae Soon is furious and decides to lock up Champoon in her room, preventing her from seeing or contacting Nai Amnuey. He also arranges for her to marry another man from his clan, who is much older and uglier than Nai Amnuey.

Nai Amnuey is devastated by the news and tries to rescue Champoon from her father's clutches. He also rejects the advances of Anita, a half-Filipino and half-Portuguese woman who is sent by his friends to comfort him. Anita is very beautiful and charming, but Nai Amnuey only loves Champoon.

One night, Champoon manages to escape from her room by breaking the iron chain that binds her leg. She runs to Nai Amnuey's house, crossing a river that is infested with crocodiles. She hopes to find him waiting for her, but instead she sees him sleeping with Anita on his bed. She is heartbroken and runs away, feeling betrayed and humiliated.

Nai Amnuey wakes up and realizes that Champoon has seen him with Anita. He tries to explain that he did not love Anita and that he was only drunk and lonely. He chases after Champoon and searches for her everywhere, but he cannot find her. He fears that she has been killed by the crocodiles or by Taokae Soon's men.

The next day, Nai Amnuey receives a letter from Champoon that she wrote before she escaped. In the letter, she declares her undying love for him and asks him to wait for her until they can be together again. She also says that she will never forgive him if he betrays her with another woman.

Nai Amnuey is filled with remorse and guilt for what he has done. He also realizes that Champoon is the only woman he ever loved and that he cannot live without her. He decides to kill himself by jumping into the river, hoping to join Champoon in death.

However, he is rescued by his friends and taken to the hospital, where he remains in a state of madness. He keeps calling Champoon's name and asking for her forgiveness. He also refuses to eat or drink, and becomes emaciated and weak.

The narrator then reveals the shocking truth: Champoon is still alive and well. She was not eaten by the crocodiles or killed by Taokae Soon's men. She was actually saved by a fisherman who found her floating on the river. The fisherman took her to his hut and nursed her back to health. He also fell in love with her and proposed to marry her. Champoon accepted his offer and decided to forget Nai Amnuey and start a new life with the fisherman.

The narrator also explains that he knows this because he is the fisherman who saved Champoon. He says that he loves Champoon very much and that she is happy with him. He also says that he does not hate Nai Amnuey, but rather pity him for his misfortune. He says that he decided to tell Nai Amnuey the truth, hoping that he would recover from his insanity and move on with his life.

The story ends with the narrator leaving the hospital, while Nai Amnuey continues to scream Champoon's name in agony.

Analysis of Champoon by Theb Mahapaorya

Champoon by Theb Mahapaorya is a novella that explores the themes of love, fate, and human dignity in the context of Thai culture and history. The novella also reflects the author's own experiences and views, as he was born and raised in southern Thailand and witnessed the social and political changes that occurred in the country during the 20th century.

One of the main themes of the novella is love, which is portrayed as a powerful and passionate force that can overcome any obstacle or challenge. The love between Nai Amnuey and Champoon is depicted as pure, sincere, and unconditional, as they are willing to sacrifice everything for each other. Their love also transcends the boundaries of class, ethnicity, and religion, as they belong to different clans and backgrounds. However, their love is also doomed by fate, as they are opposed by their families and society, who do not approve of their relationship. Their love also leads them to make mistakes and suffer consequences, such as Nai Amnuey's infidelity and Champoon's abandonment.

Another theme of the novella is fate, which is portrayed as a cruel and unpredictable force that can change one's life in an instant. The fate of Nai Amnuey and Champoon is determined by a series of coincidences and accidents, such as their meeting, their separation, their reunion, and their final twist. Their fate is also influenced by the actions of others, such as Taokae Soon's spies, Anita's seduction, and the fisherman's rescue. Their fate is also contrasted with their free will, as they try to choose their own destiny and defy their circumstances.

A third theme of the novella is human dignity, which is portrayed as a valuable and essential quality that one should preserve and respect. The dignity of Nai Amnuey and Champoon is challenged by their families and society, who try to control their lives and choices. Their dignity is also challenged by themselves, as they struggle with their emotions and desires. Their dignity is also expressed by their actions, such as Champoon's escape, Nai Amnuey's suicide attempt, and Champoon's acceptance of the fisherman.


Champoon by Theb Mahapaorya is a novella that tells a tragic love story in Thai literature. The novella depicts the social and cultural aspects of southern Thailand in the early 20th century, as well as the themes of love, fate, and human dignity. The novella also reveals the author's own experiences and views, as he was a native of southern Thailand and a witness of its history.

If you are interested in reading Champoon by Theb Mahapaorya, you can download a pdf version for free from [this link]. You can also find more information about the author and his works from [this website]. You can also watch a video summary of the novella from [this YouTube channel].

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