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Daugherty further added, "It's tricky because the book is a very packed read with a lot of big ideas. So, distilling that into a cool, faithful two-hour movie is challenging. Not only do you have to establish five factions, but you have to acknowledge that there's a sixth entity, which is the divergent, and you also have the factionless. So there's a world that really has to be built out for the big screen... the movie is going to do it a little more efficiently."[15] Author Veronica Roth said about script of the film, "Reading a script is a really interesting experience. I'd never read a script before. I was really impressed by how closely it stuck to the general plot line of the book."[16]


Like the anti-virus blocking component, the click fraud component makes use of the WinDivert library and therefore installs the necessary WinDivert DLL and driver in the same manner as bav01.js, described above. Additionally, the NodeJS executable and a NodeJS Socket.IO client named app.js are part of the installation process for this component. Older versions of this component also installed two executables, divergent.exe and mdivergent.exe, however in later versions, these are executed from memory via reflective PE injection.

To protect themselves from these kinds of fraudulent requests, advertisement monetization services may go to extra lengths to confirm the device making the request is the type of device it claims to be. For example, if the monetization service only expects mobile devices, it may reject requests that have the characteristics of desktop devices. We believe the divergent.exe and mdivergent.exe executables are used by the 04sall.js/05sall.js components to circumvent these kinds of checks (see TCP/IP stack fingerprinting).

The divergent and mdivergent PEs make use of the WinDivert library to intercept and rewrite the first SYN packet of the 3-way TCP handshake for all outgoing connections the infected host attempts to make. The changes made to the SYN packets depend on which executable was used, either divergent.exe or mdivergent.exe; divergent.exe will rewrite the TCP header options to follow the same format as Android devices while mdivergent.exe will rewrite the TCP header options to follow the format as iOS devices. Which version of the divergent executable is used is dependent on the app.js deployment script (either 04sall.js or 05sall.js). These scripts contain code that decides which version should be used depending on a variable named macchance which can be passed to the deployment script as its only parameter. This variable contains the probability that mdivergent.exe will be deployed instead of divergent.exe (the PowerShell parameter, normally base64 encoded, is shown here in its decoded form):

In the code shown above, the variables and and mac correspond to the code necessary to reflectively inject divergent.exe and mdivergent.exe respectively, i.e. and represents Android and mac represents iOS.

For either of these divergent executables to work properly, several changes to the TCP/IP stack on the infected machine must be made; these include setting the TTL to 64, turning on the timestamp TCP header options, and changing the MTU to 1440. Once those changes have been made, the system is forced to reboot with a false message of Critical_Windows_Update:

Divergent evolution may occur as a response to changes in abiotic factors, such as a change in environmental conditions, or when a new niche becomes available. Alternatively, divergent evolution may take place in response to changes in biotic factors, such as increased or decreased pressure from competition or predation.

Through divergent evolution, organisms may develop homologous structures. These are anatomically similar structures, which are present in the common ancestor and persist within the diverged organisms, although have evolved dissimilar functions.

It is speculated that the two groups underwent divergent evolution as a consequence of allopatric speciation. As the continents of America and Eurasia had by this point separated, the split could have been caused by a chance migration across the Atlantic Ocean.

It is important to remember that the modern primates we see today are not evolved from each other despite their similarities (for example, great apes are not evolved from lesser apes), but that they are descended from a single common ancestor that formed two different species through divergent evolution.

The goal of divergent thinking is to generate many different ideas about a topic in a short period of time. It involves breaking a topic down into its various component parts in order to gain insight about the various aspects of the topic. Divergent thinking typically occurs in a spontaneous, free-flowing manner, such that the ideas are generated in a random, unorganized fashion. Following divergent thinking, the ideas and information will be organized using convergent thinking; i.e., putting the various ideas back together in some organized, structured way.

4. Mind or Subject Mapping. Mind or subject mapping involves putting brainstormed ideas in the form of a visual map or picture that that shows the relationships among these ideas. One starts with a central idea or topic, then draws branches off the main topic which represent different parts or aspects of the main topic. This creates a visual image or "map" of the topic which the writer can use to develop the topic further. For example, a topic may have four different branches (sub-topics), and each of those four branches may have two branches of its own (sub-topicsof the sub-topic) *Note* this includes both divergent and convergentthinking.

The practice of meditation has seen a tremendous increase in the western world since the 60s. Scientific interest in meditation has also significantly grown in the past years; however, so far, it has neglected the idea that different type of meditations may drive specific cognitive-control states. In this study we investigate the possible impact of meditation based on focused-attention (FA) and meditation based on open-monitoring (OM) on creativity tasks tapping into convergent and divergent thinking. We show that FA meditation and OM meditation exert specific effect on creativity. First, OM meditation induces a control state that promotes divergent thinking, a style of thinking that allows many new ideas of being generated. Second, FA meditation does not sustain convergent thinking, the process of generating one possible solution to a particular problem. We suggest that the enhancement of positive mood induced by meditating has boosted the effect in the first case and counteracted in the second case.

Citation: Colzato LS, Ozturk A and Hommel B (2012) Meditate to create: the impact of focused-attention and open-monitoring training on convergent and divergent thinking. Front. Psychology 3:116. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2012.00116

The world is unpredictable. The corporate ladder is now a maze, which means our students will need to think divergently. In this article, we explore how to integrate divergent thinking into our everyday classroom practices. This is an updated version of an article that was originally created in March 2018.

As we move further into automation and artificial intelligence, our students will need to think divergently. They may or may not enter the Creative Economy. However, they will all need to think creatively and find unique solutions for complex problems.

We, as educators, can boost divergent thinking for our students by integrating it into our daily practice. The following are specific strategies you can use as you inspire your students to think divergently.

You can use divergent thinking activities as quick warm-ups to activate creativity or as a brain-break in the middle of a more analytical task. These activities take five minutes, tops. In some cases, you might do a visual divergent thinking activity. You can show students a semi-abstract drawing and ask them to generate a list of possible ideas for what that picture might represent. Other times, you might present students with two or three items and then ask them to generate a list of possible things they could make with those items. One of my favorite language-oriented challenges is to ask students to change one letter in a sports team to make something new (so you end up with the Pittsburgh Pilates, the Phoenix Nuns or the L.A. Fakers). So, again, this divergent thinking might be more visual, spatial, or language-based.

I really enjoyed reading your post. I work in an elementary school as a special education teacher. I teach both pull-out resource classes and provide in-class support throughout the day. Creativity and divergent thinking is an area that can be especially challenging for my students. My kindergarten students have an easier time with divergent thinking. I believe that this is the case because our kindergarten curriculum allows for a lot of creative play and encourages students to think about items in different ways. As we move up in the grades these types of activities go away, along with the imagination of many of our students.

Convergent, divergent and transform boundaries are ways that tectonic plates interact. Tectonic plates are large sections of the Earth's lithosphere, or crust. Before understanding the differences between the three types of boundaries, it is important to understand the basics of tectonic plates.

Convergent and divergent boundaries may sound similar, but the movement of the plates is opposite in these two boundaries. Convergent boundaries have plates that move towards each other, whereas divergent boundaries have plates that move away. Both convergent and divergent boundaries can create mountains and volcanos although the geology of how these features form is different. The table below summarizes the differences and similarities between convergent and divergent boundaries.

The first way two cars can move relative to each other is in divergent directions, like passing a car going the other way. Plates also can pull apart from each other. This is known as a divergent boundary. A divergent boundary is a fault where the two plates are moving away from each other. 041b061a72

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