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Parker Robinson
Parker Robinson

Fallout New Vegas Big Red Exclamation Point

There is a large Red square with an exclamation point on my character it won't go away even after loading past saves. I have also lost a consideral amout of my companions items including all of the weapons they were carrying. Plz someone help me i lost alot of good weapons!

fallout new vegas big red exclamation point

Don Kettl: But let me try to suggest maybe where the lemonade stand might be. Three quick points. The first is that to answer your question about a quote with another quote. Herb Stein who used to be an economic adviser said, "the things that can't go on forever won't." One of the things that this crisis did was it put the exclamation point on a whole series of things that were bad ideas and bad policies that came to a sudden screeching and very painful end as Dick has pointed out.

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