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Download App Dash PRO Apk ((FULL))

So Excited to download? Well, click on below button to start Download DashCommand (OBD ELM App) FULL v4.8.2 [Unlocked] APK. This is a single direct link of DashCommand (OBD ELM App) FULL v4.8.2 [Unlocked].

Download App Dash PRO apk

Download Zip:

Thinkware Dash Cam mobile apps are your convenient go-to-app for easy access to your Thinkware Dash Cam. Save the hassle of going back home to know what you have recorded and check them on your smartphone. Manage your dash cam, view videos real-time and download or delete videos on your smartphone with our mobile apps.

Now you can download all the video files you have recorded with your Thinkware Dash Cam to your smart phone right in your car, without having to take the microSD card out or plugging it to your computer.

Now you can download all the video files you have recorded with your Thinkware Dash Cam to your smartphone right away in your car, without having to take the SD card out or inserting it in your computer.

View live or playback recorded dash cam videos on your smartphone through Thinkware Dashcam mobile apps. Check out your last driving journeys. Replay road details you have missed. All from the convenience of your smartphone.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS) makes it easy and convenient to add Thinkware Dash Cam to Wi-Fi networks without having to enter a network name and password. Access Wi-Fi within 2 minutes after the WPS of your dash cam has been activated.

To open your HA instance/dashboard, copy the following command into a terminal and replace the square brackets with your URL:adb -e shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d [URL of your HA instance]

I installed again the Home Assistant apk, and prepared a user with an empty dashboard for it, because the error Home Assistant was throwing was about the frontend JS.With a clean dashboard prepared for it, it seems that works quite well.

Use the non-Focus Firefox (to store the credentials).Open it with an Automation when Android TV is playing adb shell am start -a android.intent.action.VIEW -d :8123/your-dashboard/view.Set it to always open with Firefox.Configure Lovelace Wallpanel Screensaver for black screen.

The best dash cam app will be able to loop record, use a collision detection sensor (called a G sensor), and use a phone's GPS ability to track location. It will be easy to use, shoot high quality video, and offer a simple ways to export files, whether by USB, uploading to Google Drive or Dropbox, or automatically uploading to cloud storage.

We've combed through the top dash cam apps for iPhone and Android to determine which are the best. Our criteria centered around three main areas: how well the basic dash cam app features were executed; what additional perks, if any, were included in the app; and the quality of user feedback included in each app's reviews.

It should be noted that compared to a dedicated dashboard camera, getting a dash cam app is not usually the best choice: reliability and convenience in particular will suffer. But for personal use only, a dash cam app can be a short term substitute or low budget alternative.

There are a few catches, though. For one thing, the app will try hard to upsell you on the official Nexar dash camera, which will pair with the Nexar app to offer high-quality video and additional features (it also costs $60, and the app works fine without it). This upselling could arguably be considered a benefit, since it makes it easy for users to upgrade.

Also, Nexar has been dinged in the past for selling its users' data. And like any dash cam app, it'll drain your phone's battery like crazy, so you'd be wise to keep your phone charging at all times while using it. That said, the quality of the features on offer should satisfy any driver.

Best for flexible settings's Smart Dash Cam app makes a strong case as the top dash cam app for iPhone. It offers both manual and auto-recording modes, lets the user set their preferred resolution (up to 720p HD), can record audio, displays the time and speed of a vehicle in its videos, and auto-records a locked video file if it detects a collision. If it hasn't locked a video, it'll use continuous loop recording with a time range of up to 60 minutes, which overrides the oldest videos in order to make room for new ones.

Best for route tracking SaveDrives is primarily a route-tracking app. It lets you see your entire trip history, along with statistics including start/end times and locations, distance, duration, a map of the route, and average and maximum speeds. It also functions as a dash cam, allowing you to record and play back up to 30 minutes of driving, extracting any specific clips that you want to save.

These premium features are available on most of the other apps listed here, meaning that if you're just looking for a dash cam, this might not be the option for you. However, if you want a reliable route tracker that can reveal historical data about your typical speeds, or which can prove you took a specific route on a specific date, you can't do better than SafeDrives.

Best for running in the background The AutoBoy app brings plenty of granular features with it, making it particularly appealing to tech nerds. However, it also offers another perk that will make it a popular dash cam app for many: it can record in the background, while the phone is being used for browsing the internet or other apps.

Best for automation Like most dash cam apps, DailyRoads Voyager offers continuous looped video recording, letting users set the length and video quality for each file, as well as toggle the audio on or off. You can quickly save interesting video files by tapping the screen once.

One cool perk that not every dash cam can handle: the Voyager app can be set to automatically start up and shut down with the car, as long as it is connected to the car deck. Other features include overheating protection, brightness adjustment, a built-in file manager, and the ability to upload files to

The Voyager app comes with in-app advertisements that might bother some, but ultimately, it's a serviceable app that does what a dash cam app should. The fact that it connects to a car desk in order to power on or off alongside the vehicle itself makes it a great pick for a driver who enjoys automating repetitive tasks.

Many of the other features should be pretty familiar to the dash cam app aficionado. Speed, location, and time are overlaid in each video file; files can be saved in either internal or external memory, with automatic file deletion when the predetermined storage space is exceeded; map data is offered via GPX. Also, an event data recorder (EDR) function will automatically create a video file when it detects a collision, starting five seconds before an accident and continuing for five seconds afterwards.

The app is free, monetized by advertisements. Even if you don't want to add another camera, this app runs in the background and offers detailed settings, so it functions well as a single front-facing dash cam app.

The Drive Recorder app is simple, although it once again comes with advertisements. It should be an easy option for a dash cam app, and is best for those who would just be confused or distracted by any unneeded bells and whistles.

Best for avoiding ads The KM Car Camcorder dash cam app uses loop recording, with options that let you pick the right file quantity and the maximum size of the storage folder before the oldest files begin being overwritten. You'll be able to see the timestamp and vehicle speed in your video files, and see the time, date, speed, and location of each video file from your folder.

The best free iPhone dash cam app is the Nexar AI app, thanks to its ease of use, extra machine learning abilities, and automatic cloud backup feature. The best free Android app is the AutoBoy dash cam app, due to its detailed video settings, ability to run in the background, and reliable video file recording.

As you can see above, most dash cam apps are free, or come with a free version. The catch is that they either run annoying advertisements, or save the best features for a paid upgrade. Neither option is ideal, as you won't want to be faced with an ad when trying to save a video after a hit and run, and you don't want to have to pay for a premium plan just to download the one dash cam video you need.

To be honest, though, if you're going to pay money for a dash cam, you likely won't want to settle for an app at all. If you need a professional dash cam, you'll probably want a high-quality option, and for that, you'll need a physical dash camera unit. If you're looking for dash cams for a fleet of five or more vehicles, you can find the right dash cam for your business here.

Are you making grueling trips regularly? If so, you'll likely run out of storage on your phone fairly quickly. One dash cam app developer estimates you should always have 20GB of storage on your phone, but even that will likely just last a few hours.

Any dash cam app worth its salt will use looped recording, meaning it will start writing over old video files once it has reached the maximum storage space on your phone. However, this means that by the time you get to the end of your trip, you'll have lost the footage from the beginning of it, which kind of defeats the purpose of documenting it in the first place.

Do you use your phone regularly? If you're using it for a dash cam app, you won't have access to it for long stretches of time while your vehicle is in motion. And even if you're fine with the lack of access, you'll still need to launch an app and set up your phone in its mount every single time you drive some