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Philip Kuznetsov
Philip Kuznetsov

Why Ja Rule's Rule 3:36 is One of the Greatest Rap Albums of All Time

in the last few years of his life, ja would release a string of singles, many of which could've been considered better versions of songs from his the last temptation era. the most notable of these singles was the devastating, but still remarkably upbeat single we're coming, which featured a killer hook and a sample fromin your eyes, that would remind listeners of a diss track ja would record with juvenile a few years later. it would be the last time we'd hear from ja until his untimely death in march of 2006. at his burial, he would be carried by his family and friends and an enormous crowd, as he would be buried with his favorite childhood toys and a giant cross made out of the horns of a rhinoceros. ja had left behind many good songs and a legacy of his own, but what he ultimately left behind was a home for others to enjoy and cherish.

Ja Rule, Rule 3:36 full album zip

as a lover of all things rap and pop, there's no denying that ja rule's career is one of the most interesting and intriguing in the last decade. from his humble beginnings as a los angeleno striving to make it, to finally finding some success, to falling from that position and regaining his footing, ja was a pioneer in a genre that had yet to be given the respect it deserves. you can take your pick of all of the elements that brought ja rule to the top, but it's one of those great mysteries why he died in 2006, when it looked like he would live to be almost 100 years old.

the cd contains a detailed liner note section with various facts on each track. written by former sleigh bells drummer/producer alex kerwan, it is available in print, as well as on the website. the booklet includes several videos, including the official music video and behind the scenes video for the video clip for ballin. the dvd includes the original music video for holla holla, the video for ballin, the video for church of no return, video for kill em all, video for in this world, the video for i know you want me, the video for times ive seen, the video for always on time, the video for get it shawty and the videos for get ready and you feel.

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