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Where To Buy Galaxy S8 ##HOT##

We compared photos shot by the S8 and the Pixel XL outside on a sunny day. The Pixel XL's photo had an extra level of sharpness and detail we didn't get from the S8+. Our face looked a little too smooth and perfect on the Samsung, to the point where we were wondering whether Beauty Mode was kicking in even when we had it set to 0.

where to buy galaxy s8


In the United States, the S8 and S8+ are available in Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, and Arctic Silver color options, whereas gold and blue are available internationally.[23] The blue option was made available in the U.S. in July 2017.[55][56]

The big changes in the cameras come at the front, where Samsung has included an 8 MP shooter with a Smart Autofocus system. Autofocus is not something found too often on front-facing cameras and selfies benefit from the higher megapixel count, resulting in good photos in most lighting conditions. In low light, the pictures lose some sharpness as the shutter requires more time, but this is expected, especially from a camera that lacks image stabilization.

The Galaxy S8 Active delivers advanced entertainment features that everyone can enjoy, including hard-working parents, corporate athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. From virtually anywhere, your entertainment can always be within reach. Designed with even more resilience, this smartphone is built to withstand almost anything with its military-grade, dust and water-resistance body6 and shatter resistant screen.7

Instead of placing the button more toward the middle on the back (like on the LG G6), where it could be easily reached, Samsung has placed it just beside the camera. If you're using your phone with your right hand like most people do, you'll have to reach your index finger over the camera to use it - meaning you'll be smudging your camera lens constantly while feeling around for the fingerprint scanner. On the larger S8+, you practically can't reach the scanner without employing both hands.

Edward MunnStaff WriterEdward started his journey in the world of tech journalism with a three-year stint at Web User, where he wrote tutorials and reviews on smartphone apps, PC software, browsers and all things Windows 10. For Alphr, he covers a range of topics including science, security, wearables, the future of technology - and everything in between.Outside tech, his passions include cycling, photography, rugby and music. He recently also found an appreciation for hiking after walking part of the famous Routeburn track in New Zealand (while drastically unprepared). Read moreMarch 12, 2018

Lastly, the haptic motor on the tablet is very mediocre. I didn't think that I'd be bothered by the engines of a $900 tablet, but here I am. Compared to the blocky and life-like vibrations on the $799 iPad Pro, that of the Tab S8 Plus feels loose and rattly -- to the point where I just turned off vibrations system-wide. They're disappointingly reminiscent of some sub-$300 Android phones that I've reviewed.

Either connect any Tab S8 to a monitor using a USB-C cable or wirelessly cast to any Miracast-enabled TV. DeX also makes working with virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) applications more intuitive than ever, connecting to your virtual desktop PC from practically anywhere.

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