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Sebastian Barrio

As was customary in Spain, in Puerto Rico, the municipality has a barrio called pueblo which contains a central plaza, the municipal buildings (city hall), and a Catholic church. Fiestas patronales (patron saint festivals) are held in the central plaza every year.[6][7]

sebastian barrio

Barrios (which are roughly comparable to minor civil divisions)[16] in turn are further subdivided into smaller local populated place areas/units called sectores (sectors in English). The types of sectores may vary, from normally sector to urbanización to reparto to barriada to residencial, among others.[17][18][19] There are two subbarrios in barrio-pueblo: Norzagaray and Urréjola.[1]

The Antiguo Cementerio Municipal de San Sebastián (old cemetery of San Sebastian) is located in barrio-pueblo. It was first used in 1826 but completed and established in 1863.[21] The cemetery was expanded during the cholera outbreak that occurred in Puerto Rico starting in 1855.[22] 041b061a72

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