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Lubes can help enhance arousal, boost sexual pleasure, keep your vaginal skin soft, and, most importantly, reduce friction during penetration. You can buy your lube off the internet or find it over the counter in pharmacies. But before you take the plunge, you need to which kind of lube is best suited for you.

buy lube

1. Water-based lubes The most versatile of the lot, not only do water-based lubes work for sexual intercourse, but they are also great for sex toys. They are safe to use with both latex and non-latex condoms, and can, in fact, reduce the chances of the condom breaking.

2. Silicone-based lubes If you have really sensitive skin, then a silicone-based lube is the right choice for you. They are hypoallergic, which cancels out the chance of any reaction on the skin.

However, if you are using a silicone toy, then this lube can create abrasions in the toy, making room for bacteria to grow. Hence, it is advisable that you stick to water-based lubricants for your sex toys.

3. Oil-based lubes Known for lasting really long, oil-based lubes are natural and easily available. However, these lubes are also associated with increased chances of the condom breaking and a higher risk of vaginal infections. Know that they are also going to stain your bedsheets and take forever to clean up.

The first time that I went to buy lube for myself, I was curious about the products out there. I wanted to know what they were made from. Corrie and I have long discussions about every topic under the sun and this one had us captivated.

I decided that I had to buy a few bottles of lube in order to really have the time to research each ingredient. I chose self check-out in order to avoid the surely judgmental gaze of the teenage boys working the register.

What began as a truly embarrassing trip to the grocery store became an empowering journey for us and all of our friends along the way. Discussing the ups and downs of vaginas became an interesting and important discussion. Saying the words mattered. The physical nature of a vagina changes throughout a cycle of days, weeks, months and certainly lifetimes. Having these conversations went from a giggle in between hushed concessions, to declarations of honesty and pride. We actually talked about lube enough to stop being embarrassed by lube.

Another from High on Love, this option is water-based and features 200 mg of CBD. And it can be used with condoms, making it the perfect option for safe sex. The brand says it encourages blood flow for long-lasting fun, too. The lube is also fragrance-free, non-staining, and vegan.

The best chain lube for your bike depends on the conditions you're riding in. Any friction or resistance within the chain can have an impact on how efficiently your power is used. In order to limit friction between the chain and the rest of the drivetrain and between the links of the chain as they rotate relative to one another as they pass over the chainring and sprocket and through the derailleur mechanism, a chain lube needs to be applied.

Choosing a bike lube is tricky as there are so many out there that all appear to offer the same qualities. To guide you, below we have rounded up some of our favourite wet and dry lubes. Have a look too at our test of the best bike cleaning kits and, at the bottom of this page, our buyer's guide to chain lube.

A common question we get asked all the time is "what is speed cube lube?" and "what does the term 'gummy' or 'fast' mean? We go over the common speed cube lubricant terms, the different types of lubricants, and which puzzles best suit each type.

Speed Cube lubes nowadays are much more user-friendly, not requiring the user to clean the puzzle out after having it in a puzzle for a couple days. These lubricants are mostly comprised of silicone, with other ingredients added to both change their properties, although some lubricants such as stardust are water-based instead.

Our Cosmic collection of cube lube comes in convenient 5ML, 10ML, and 15ML dropper-style bottles. To apply lubricant to a puzzle, simply screw the cap off the dropper bottle, and place a couple drops in contact points between the pieces. We recommend adding a small number of drops to start, as you can always add more lubricant but it is far more difficult to remove it, as this instead would require cleaning the puzzle out.

In our Cosmic lubricant collection, we feature the "stats" between each lubricant that we offer, so whether it be a fast lube to speed up your older puzzles or a gummy lube to give your speed cube more substance when turning, check out the statistics page here.

Personna Disposable Razors have two twin blade cartridge refills for men that comfortable shave and is an economical replacement blade for Gillette Atra and Gillette TracII. With Chrome edges for a close comfort shave and a lube this disposable razor will leave your skin feeling fresh and smooth. Whether you are using these bulk razors for travel purposes or for a facility to add value to a clients experience these razors are fit for purpose! 500 razors in an order works out to just $0.24c per individual razor!

Welcome to Benedetti Tire Service & Express Lube Tire Pros. We have been family owned and operated since 1977, and provide all our customers with quality tires, auto repair services, and express lube service. For over 40 years, we've provided the Sebastopol area with the latest in tire technology and complete automotive care for your vehicle. Year after year our customers have been coming back. Visit our tire catalogs online for the tires you need, or stop in and see us.

Humans have been using personal lubricants for centuries, as long ago as 350 BCE, when olive oil was the lube of choice. Manufactured lube hit the market in 1919 with the introduction of KY Jelly, which was originally created to be a surgical lubricant.

The body makes natural lubricant, but it's not always enough. Sometimes, certain health conditions or changes related to getting older can decrease the natural production of lubricant. In these cases, you may need to use lube to make sex comfortable.

The key is to consider the three main categories of lube, oil-based, water-based, and silicone-based, and try one that fits your needs, according to Dr. Ina Park, an associate professor at University of California San Francisco's School of Medicine and author of the upcoming book "Strange Bedfellows: Adventures in the Science, History and Surprising Secrets of STDs."

This type of lube is compatible with condoms, so they're a good option for someone who wants to use the drugstore contraceptive for birth control or STD prevention. Water-based lubes are also compatible with any type of sex toy, no matter what material it's made from.

People who are prone to yeast infections should avoid glycerin-containing lubes, OBGYN Dr. Lauren Streicher previously told Prevention. Though this ingredient makes water-based lubes more slippery, it also contains sugar, an ingredient that can contribute to yeast overgrowth.

Though silicone lubes can be used with latex condoms, it's best to keep them off any silicone-based sex toys. That's because combining two silicone-based objects can erode the silicone and damage your toys.

Park said she's noticed coconut oil rise in popularity as a household-essential-turned-lube because of its slippery texture and long-lasting nature. Olive oil, vitamin E oil, and avocado oil are also options for DIY oil-based lube.

There's one downside to oil-based formulas: They can't be used with latex condoms because they'll erode the material and render the condom ineffective. That's why Park suggests oil-based lubes primarily for people in monogamous relationships. 041b061a72

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