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Monede Si Bancnote Romanesti George Buzdugan Pdf 11

Monede si bancnote romanesti george buzdugan pdf 11

Monede si bancnote romanesti (Romanian Coins and Banknotes) is a book written by George Buzdugan, Octavian Luchian, and Constantin C. Oprescu, published in 1977 by Sport-Turism. It is considered the standard catalog for Romanian coins and banknotes, covering the history and evolution of the Romanian currency from the medieval times to the modern era. The book contains 429 pages of detailed descriptions, illustrations, and photographs of various coins, banknotes, patterns, and tokens issued in Romania or related to its history.

The book is divided into 31 sections, each focusing on a different period or aspect of the Romanian numismatics. The first section deals with the origins and development of the coinage in the ancient Dacian and Roman provinces that later became part of Romania. The next sections cover the coins issued by the medieval principalities of Wallachia, Moldavia, and Transylvania, as well as the foreign coins that circulated in these territories. The book also examines the coins and banknotes issued by the modern Romanian state since its formation in 1859, as well as the monetary reforms and changes that occurred throughout its history. The last sections of the book present some special topics, such as the commemorative coins, the emergency money, the counterfeit money, and the numismatic literature related to Romania.

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The book is written in Romanian, but it also includes some summaries and explanations in French, English, and German. It is a valuable source of information for anyone interested in the Romanian numismatics, as it provides a comprehensive overview of the rich and diverse history of the Romanian currency. However, some of the information in the book may be outdated or inaccurate, as it reflects the state of knowledge at the time of its publication in 1977. Therefore, it is advisable to consult other sources and references for more updated and reliable data.

The book is quite scarce and expensive, even in Romania, as it was printed in a limited edition and has not been reprinted since. It can be found in some libraries or online platforms, such as Google Books or WorldCat, but it may not be available for borrowing or downloading. A PDF version of the book can be accessed on, but it may not be authorized by the authors or publishers. Therefore, anyone who wishes to read or use this book should respect the intellectual property rights and ethical standards of the numismatic community.

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