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Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna Telugu Panchangam 31

Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna Telugu Panchangam 31

Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna Telugu Panchangam 31 is a popular and reliable almanac that provides information about the Hindu calendar, festivals, auspicious days, astrology, and other aspects of the Telugu culture. It is published by Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna, a renowned astrologer and scholar who belongs to the lineage of the famous Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna family. The panchangam is also known as Butte Veerabhadra Panchangam or Butte Veerabhadra Gantala Panchangam.

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The panchangam covers the period from Ugadi (the Telugu New Year) of one year to the Ugadi of the next year. For example, the Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna Telugu Panchangam 31 covers the period from April 2, 2023 to March 21, 2024. The panchangam follows the lunar calendar and divides the year into 12 months, each named after a star. The months are Chaitra, Vaisakha, Jyeshtha, Ashadha, Shravana, Bhadrapada, Ashvina, Kartika, Margashirsha, Pausha, Magha, and Phalguna. The panchangam also gives the names of the Telugu years, which are based on a cycle of 60 years. The name of the year 2023-2024 is Sobhakritu.

The panchangam provides various information for each day of the year, such as the tithi (lunar day), nakshatra (star), yoga (combination), karana (half-tithi), rahu kala (inauspicious time), yama ganda (death time), gulika kala (power time), dur muhurta (bad time), abhijit muhurta (good time), amrita kala (nectar time), vara (weekday), paksha (fortnight), masa (month), ritu (season), ayana (solstice), and samvatsara (year). It also gives the sunrise and sunset timings, moonrise and moonset timings, and the panchaka rahita muhurta (auspicious time without panchaka). The panchangam also indicates the festivals, vrats (fasts), ekadashis, sankrantis (sun transitions), graha gocharas (planet transits), eclipses, and other important events that occur throughout the year.

The panchangam also provides astrological predictions for each zodiac sign based on the planetary positions and aspects. It gives the general characteristics, lucky colors, numbers, stones, days, and directions for each sign. It also gives the monthly predictions for health, wealth, career, education, family, love, marriage, travel, and other aspects of life. The panchangam also gives remedies and suggestions to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that may arise due to the unfavorable planetary influences.

The panchangam is widely used by the Telugu people for various purposes such as planning their daily activities, choosing auspicious dates and times for important events, performing rituals and ceremonies, consulting astrologers and pandits, and learning about their culture and traditions. The panchangam is also a source of spiritual guidance and wisdom for many devotees who follow the teachings and advice of Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna.

The Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna Telugu Panchangam 31 is available in both print and digital formats. The print version can be purchased online from Amazon or from various bookstores and publishers in the Telugu states. The digital version can be downloaded as a PDF file from the official website of Sri Butte Veerabhadra Daivajna or from other third-party websites. The panchangam can also be accessed through a mobile app that can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

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