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Movie Hd 1080p Blu-ray Full Thanks Maa

UHD Blu-ray represents a new benchmark for home cinema enthusiasts. 4K content with High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut, all at a premium 100 Mbps thanks to HEVC H.265. Not just more pixels, but better pixels. Oh, and Dolby Atmos and DTS:X came along for the ride too.The Samsung UBD-K8500 is the first Ultra HD Blu-ray Player to launch in North America. As I write this, it costs $399.99 (from a $499.99 MSRP) and will be available March 1, 2016, even though some were able to snag pre-order units early from Best Buy for a Hands On First Look and this full review.

Movie Hd 1080p Blu-ray Full Thanks Maa

As noted in Set Up, the K8500 can output various resolutions from 2160p all the way down to 480p. After testing Ultra HD (2160p), I hooked the K8500 to my Panasonic VT50 Series 1080p plasma -- one of the best-reviewed televisions of its model year.UPDATED: In comparing Ultra HD Blu-ray in 1080p to Blu-ray in 1080p, results vary by title, but the overall takeaway is this -- outside of exclusive Dolby Atmos & DTS:X soundtracks, you don't get any improvement in picture quality from Ultra HD Blu-rays on 1080p displays. Worst of all, there's a significant chance the contrast is going to be so messed up (crushed black levels and/or washed out whites), the final results will actually look WORSE than watching the Blu-ray. For a full rundown of this experience (using a different brand's player), check out 4K Ultra HD on a 1080p Display over at the Bonus View. In other words, if you're considering a 4K Blu-ray player, make sure to get a 4K display with HDR capabilities.

That doesn't mean you'll necessarily be left in the lurch if you take an Ultra HD Blu-ray home before you get a player. We've seen some of Sony Pictures' first Ultra HD releases, and they're in "Ultra HD + Blu-ray" format. Basically, the Ultra HD movies include both the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc version of the film and a normal, 1080p Blu-ray disc you can play on regular players. Check the packaging to see if a standard Blu-ray disc is included, and you might have a version of the film you can watch while you wait on your new player.

The DMP-BD90P Blu Ray DVD Player offers smooth, detailed video and Dolby Digital sound so you can enjoy your favorite movies, shows, and music in crystal-clear audio and video. Its compact, space-saving design fits even in narrow spaces or on thin media racks. Up-converts standard DVD quality to high-definition 1080p, rendering your images in fine detail. Plug in an external hard drive for sharing your favorite movies, photos, and more on a large screen.

THE BLU-RAY DISCby Bill Chambers Warner brings the 2011 remake of Arthur to Blu-ray in a 1.78:1, 1080p transfer. The film was shot on 35mm but, with its ludicrously pumped-up colours, steep blacks, and noisy sharpness, has, at least in this incarnation, the faux-cinematic glossy-gloss of high-end TV--which is perhaps only natural, given that director Jason Winer hails from television. (DP Uta Briesewitz likewise shoots things like the HBO series "Hung" between features. What's curious is that she and Winer would lean so heavily on long lenses, which are antithetical to this kind of antic humour.) The attendant 5.1 DTS-HD MA track occasionally uncorks the subwoofer and surrounds to ape the thunder of the Batman movies or make us virtual participants in a bacchanal, but otherwise it represents your typical hemispheric, near-monophonic comedy mix. Not counting startup previews for Warner's Blu-ray slate and Insider Rewards program, the disc also includes the featurette "Arthur Unsupervised" (11 mins., HD), a making-of-cum-outtakes compilation that showcases Russell Brand at his randy best (worst?), with co-star Jennifer Garner mostly embarrassing herself trying to keep up; a ten-minute block of eight deleted scenes (presented in HD though looking degenerated, these are by and large scene extensions that seem conspicuously improvised); and a blooper reel that bleeps expletives for the first time in these extras. A DVD/Digital Copy rounds out the combo-pack. Originally published: July 26, 2011. 350c69d7ab

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