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Buy Gift Bags Wholesale

Deluxe paper gift bags are ideal for boutiques, gift shops, jewelry stores, candy stores and more. These bags feature rope or satin ribbon handles that compliment or match each style. Rope and ribbon handles can be pulled inside the gift bag when on display and then pulled out when you are ready to pick it up. The tops of the bags have a smooth upscale opening with options in heavy weight matte colors, gloss colors, kraft, and prints.

buy gift bags wholesale

Eco friendly packaging gift bags come in bulk packs of 100, or smaller packs of 10, provide you with the advantage to choose the exact amount you need for retail packaging or an upcoming event. Sizes in this line range from extra small petite bags that are perfect for jewelry to large gift bags that are perfect for apparel packaging.

Custom bags make it easy for your customers to serve as walking advertisements for your business. Call us at 1-800-547-9727 and share your packaging goals. Our custom print department has knowledgeable and friendly customer care agents who specialize in stock line and custom options. Let us help you find the perfect bags, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, and gift tags to represent and build your brand.

We are a pioneer distributor of Tote Bags and Drawstring bags established in Los Angeles,CA. We are determined to meet your needs by supplying you variety of bags such as wholesale canvas tote bags, cheap tote bag, wholesale backpacks read more..

We provide high quality but affordable tote bags. To ensure that you are satisfied with our products, we provide you with the best quality bags that are affordable and top it up with excellent customer service. The reasons why you should choose us.. read more..

Wedding welcome bags in bulk are a must-have for ensuring your guests have a nice gift to thank them for coming to celebrate your special day. Wedding favor bags carry a small token to serve as a reminder of the festivities, and the wedding favor bags themselves can become something your guests will look back on or even use for years to come. You can fill them with handwritten notes, candles, gifts, goodies, or other favors. Wedding gift bags in bulk can also serve as a nice gift from the bride to a bridesmaid or to those who attend a bachelorette party.

Our inexpensive, bulk gift bags are suitable for more than weddings. If you need gift bags in bulk to present a colleague or loved one with wine (or another bottled beverage), check out our large selection of wine gift bags. These come in a variety of styles, including cotton bags, jute bags, or canvas bags with a drawstring, burlap with wooden handles, jute with rope handles, and jute tote with laminated interior. We even offer larger wine gift bags in a tote style with removable dividers for gifting multiple bottles.

  • Customized Tote Bags at a price you can afford! Popular Categories Wholesale Cotton Tote Bags / Cheap Tote Bags 93 items Canvas Tote Bags Wholesale 75 items Burlap Bags - Jute Tote Bags 32 items Drawstring Bags / Drawstring Backpacks 64 items Featured Products from $1.13 was $1.95 Economical 100% Cotton Reusable Wholesale Tote Bags TB100

  • from $1.05 was $3.49 Economical Sport Cotton Drawstring Bag Cinch Packs - BPK18

  • from $1.21 was $3.25 Economical 100% Cotton Tote Bags with Bottom Gusset - TG110

  • from $1.80 100% Cotton Canvas Tote Bags with Color Handles - TG244 from $1.54 was $3.10 High Quality Promotional 100% Canvas Tote Bags - TB200

  • from $1.34 Wholesale Tote Bags With Color Handles 100% Cotton - TB160

  • from $1.34 was $2.85 Polyester Value Drawstring Bags with Front Zippered Pocket - POL11

  • from $0.85 was $1.48 Budget Drawstring Bag Small Size / Junior Cinch Packs - GK420 from $1.56 was $3.50 Wholesale Burlap Bags - Promotional Jute Tote Bags - TJ300

  • from $2.21 was $4.16 Small Burlap Bags / Jute Book Bag with Full Gusset TJ887

  • from $1.18 Discounted Cotton Shoe Bags / Value Drawstring bags

  • from $4.62 was $9.60 Everyday Jute Bags / Carry-All Burlap Totes TJ895 from $4.93 Polyester Improved Essential Tote Bags Wholesale

  • from $0.97 was $2.25 Small Canvas Drawstring Backpack / Cinch Packs - BPK12

  • from $0.57 was $0.90 8" Small Book Bag / Non Woven Gift Tote Bag - GN18

  • from $2.72 Wholesale Heavy Canvas Laundry Bags W/Shoulder Strap (Small-Med-Large) from $1.34 Small Messenger Canvas Tote Bag with Long Straps - MB210

  • from $2.80 was $4.95 Large Canvas Wholesale Tote Bag with Long Web Handles -TG260

  • from $3.66 was $8.00 Heavy Canvas Zipper Tote Bag with Inside Zippered Pocket - TG261

  • from $2.80 Two Tone Canvas Sport Backpacks / Wholesale Drawstring Bags - BPK57 from $1.79 was $3.78 Affordable Canvas Tote Bag / Book Bag with Gusset - TF220

  • from $2.07 Wholesale Heavy Canvas Tote Bags Tri-Color

  • from $2.49 Heavy Canvas Wholesale Tote bags With Full Gusset - TF230

  • from $1.52 Organic Cotton Canvas Drawstring Bags / Backpacks - OR18 from $1.25 was $2.45 Spacious Grocery Shopping Tote Bags - GN40

  • from $0.69 was $1.45 Large Tote Bags / Budget Convention Tote Bag - NTB20

  • from $0.59 was $1.11 Budget Promotional Tote Bags / Value Tote Bags - NTB10

  • from $3.49 Affordable Drawstring Bags /Two Tone Pocket Cinch Pack from $3.94 Heavy Cotton Denim Convention Tote Bag - TF270

  • from $3.41 Extra-Large Heavy Canvas Tote Bags with Hook and Loop Closure

  • from $2.08 Standard Cosmetic Travel Kit with Front Pocket

  • from $1.26 was $4.30 Organic Cotton Canvas Tote Bags / 100% Certified Organic Cotton - OR100 from $1.25 was $1.90 Reusable Grocery Bag / Shopping Tote with PL Bottom - GN45

  • from $1.79 was $4.25 High Quality Promotional Canvas Tote Bags w/Gusset - TG200

  • from $8.95 100% Canvas Twill Drawstring Bags / Backpacks. BPK197

from $0.28 was $0.46 6" MINI Non Woven Tote Bag / Colorful Kids Party Gift Bags - NTB6 Wholesale Tote Bags - Wholesale Canvas Tote Bags - Wholesale Drawstring Bags is an online store of TotebagFactory, a tote bag distributor and decorator of bags. The purpose of the online store is to bring the bags close to you. You can now purchase the bags even from the comfort of your home by visiting this website. You no longer have to go all the way to the store in order to get your favorite bag. We have a variety of bags to meet all your needs. Could it be for carrying books, your laptop or for going to the gym? We are determined to meet your needs by supplying you variety of bags such as Wholesale Tote Bags, Canvas Tote Bags, Drawstring Bags, Clear Bags, Promotional Blank Tote Bags, Wholesale Laundry Bags, Cheap Cooler Lunch Bags, Sport Duffel Bags and Specialty Bags at our online store at ToteBagFactory. We have a large selection of bag inventory all below wholesale prices. Wholesale tote bags are categorized by material where we have canvas tote bags, non-woven tote bags and polyester tote bags. Their price range from under $ 1, between $ 1-3, $3 -$5, and those valued at $5 and more..

Who doesn't love a favor in a cute little box or bag? Whether you are a party or wedding planner, gourmet business or a gift shop looking for small packaging, Nashville Wraps has packaging for all of your special occasions.

Browse our most popular favor boxes like candy boxes, small rigid boxes, take-out favor boxes, pillow boxes and mini gable boxes at wholesale prices. Our boxes make sweet gifts for weddings, parties & baby showers. They are also the perfect size for gourmet shops for truffles, cookies or nuts. Gift shops will love the themed boxes for small grab-and-go gifts for birthdays, Valentine's Day, Easter & Christmas.

Jewel size gift bagsare super cute for tiny gifts. Add colorful shred or tissue paper to make them extra special. Smaller gifts fit perfectly in our drawstring fabric bags. Made from organza, cotton, linen or burlap, these bags make a pretty presentation for wedding favors, jewelry and bath & body products. Package your food gifts in small candy or coffee bags. Our coffee bags come with tin tie closures with or without windows. Try folding over our candy bags and sealing them with one of our many stickers or seals.

Adorable small ribbons & pre-tied bows make all those little bags and boxes even more cute. Consider personalizing your ribbon with us. Call Nashville Wraps at 1-800-547-9727 and speak with one of our custom print specialists.

At burton+BURTON, we provide a variety of wholesale cello bags to help prepare for that birthday party or special event. We also have an easy-to-use online ordering system to make gift buying a breeze. And when you can buy your gift bags wholesale, you get price savings, too.

When giving gifts or party favors, presentation counts. Present them with a touch of class and appeal. The easiest way to do this is by using cello bags. Our gift wrap bags come printed in a variety of different designs and are a beautiful presentation to any gift. Cello bags also make the perfect gift wrapping for gift baskets. When you order wholesale cellophane bags from us, you only get the finest gift or goody bags. We offer a variety of gorgeous cellophane bags in a multitude of colors and styles. No matter the occasion, we have a bag to match. 041b061a72

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