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Free Download Osveta Besnog Pile

Free Download Osveta Besnog Pile

Osveta Besnog Pile is a retro arcade game that was popular in the Balkans in the early 2000s. The game is a parody of Space Invaders, where you control a super hero who shoots at angry chickens that come from the top of the screen. The game is full of humor, references, and Easter eggs that make it fun and addictive.


If you want to download Osveta Besnog Pile for free, you can find it on various websites that host old games. However, be careful of viruses and malware that may come with the download. Here are some of the websites that offer Osveta Besnog Pile for free:

  • [OBO Community]: This website has a section dedicated to retro games, where you can find Osveta Besnog Pile and many other classics. You can download the game as a RAR file and extract it to play. The website also has a background song for the game, which you can listen to or download.

  • [Novii blog]: This blog has a post about Osveta Besnog Pile, where you can learn more about the game and its history. The post also has a link to download the game as an EXE file, which you can run directly on your computer.

  • [YouTube] : If you want to see how the game looks like before downloading it, you can watch some videos on YouTube that show gameplay and funny moments from Osveta Besnog Pile. You can also find links to download the game in the video descriptions or comments.

Osveta Besnog Pile is a game that will make you laugh and enjoy yourself. If you are feeling nostalgic or curious, you can download it for free and play it on your computer. Just remember to scan the files for viruses and malware before opening them.

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