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Philip Kuznetsov
Philip Kuznetsov

Brekel Kinect Pro Face 26 [PATCHED]

Hi Brekel,Have u finished this project? I wonder to know, how can you find the correct correspondence between different camera to control the 3D model in 360 degree? (Because Kinect always assume that the user is face forward to the camera, so it only can work in 180 degree!,Left-Right hand problem!).

brekel kinect pro face 26

Download Zip:

Hello I am working on the multi Kinectv2 sensors to track the human body. As we have occlusions using single Kinect Camera, we are trying to form one skeleton data by using skeleton data from multiple kinect cameras.

One more problem is with initialization of the kinect, multiple kinects are initialised at different times (a Kinect starts data collection of the skeleton only when it recognize a human skelton infront of it) so I could not figure out how to make synchronisation between the cameras to fuse the data from multiple cameras.

I am also working on the multi Kinect v2 sensors to track the human body. But I face a lot of problem because I am a student and just being to do it.I am wondering if you could gei me your code? Just for study.Thank you!

We are using multiple kinect v2 for a surface capture system. We are using checkerboard to calibrate the whole system. However, we notice that the calibration never be perfect. We are considering to use a object(a ball or a Cylinder) to calibrate the system. Could I ask what kind of calibration object you used? Could I have some advice about how to calibrate multiple kinect v2? Thanks very much!!

i tried from scratch, and here is what i did :-import an mhx model with its rig-create the shapekey list, with Base shapekey, with exactly right spelling, without attributing any vertexes on it.-imported txt file with space key -> Import brekel data

I have not tested with mocap yet, but my usual jaw rig has the long jaw bone tracked to a target on the surface of the chin. This way I never directly rotate on that hinge, just put the chin where I want it and the jaw follows behind. This should be compatible with that solution.

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