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Parker Robinson

New York Hindi Movie Part 1 With English Subtitles ~REPACK~

The Last Film Show, directed and written by Pan Nalin. Produced by Dheer Momaya. (India) - World Premiere. A 9-year-old boy in a remote village in India begins a lifelong love affair with cinema when he bribes his way into a rundown movie palace and spends a summer watching movies from the projection booth. With Bhavin Rabari, Vikas Bata, Richa Meena, Bhavesh Shrimali, Dipen Raval, Rahul Koli. In Gujarati with English subtitles. Opening Night Film Spotlight Section.

new york hindi movie part 1 with english subtitles

No-brainer. Coney Island is one of Brooklyn's most famous attractions, and watching a movie on the beach or boardwalk is hard to beat. The strip is host to the original Nathan's and a slew of top-notch pizza places, while screenings at Coney offer a great view of the skyline. Among the highlights this summer are a 60th anniversary screening of Little Fugitive on July 1 and partnership with the Tribeca Film Festival to show Bending Steel July 8. Ride the Cyclone after the movie if you feel so inclined.

Get the hint? Brooklyn is prime for outdoor screenings. Prospect Park is part of the Celebrate Brooklyn! culture initiative, with free movie showings and a suggested $3 donation. Take the F/G down to Seventh Avenue and bring money for food and drink sold at the venue. On tap this summer is the Philip Glass Ensemble and violinist Kishi Bashi performing the score alongside Dracula July 13 and another live accompaniment to Beasts Of The Southern Wild August 8.

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981), opens up about two months after the events in the first film. We are treated to a prologue before the beginning credits. Then the film jumps five years into the future. A new group of good-looking, sometimes idiotic, camp counselors are at good, old Camp Crystal Lake. They are at a camping area in another part of the lake area. The old camping area is closed off. Although they had shot some of the footage for this film at the same old town seen in the first film, most of this film was shot in Connecticut, in the towns of New Preston and Kent. The shooting location moved from New Jersey to Connecticut. The change isn't too dramatic. Both locations look about the same. Friday the 13th (1980), ignited a subgenre, by strengthening what the film, Halloween (1978), started. This film begins the legend of Jason Vorhees, in the fact that, Jason actually makes his first appearance in this film. So, if we take Jason out of the equation in the first film and go with the idea, that the boy in the lake was part of a dream sequence Alice dreamed up, then Jason wasn't actually there in the boat scene. Also, the police officers confirmed, that none of the things in the boat, Alice claims, happened that night. Also, we all saw Jason's mother do all the killings in the first film, which is all covered in the prologue in this film. When the killings start to happen in this film, we still do not know who the killer really is. We all know its going to be Jason from pop-culture history, but that is still not totally clear, until the end of the film. We do know, that the legend says, as told to us by one of the counselors, that Jason saw his mother die that night and that sets him off in this film.Amy Steel plays Ginny, who is the character, that gets the information, for the audience, about the events that happened at the end of the last film. She is the one who brings out the answer, that we all know now in the 21st century, but didn't in 1981, who the actual killer is. What makes things even more interesting is, we still haven't gotten to the famous hockey mask yet after two movies. There are no big Kevin Bacon moments in this film. There are no big stars in this film or no future stars either. The film was directed by Steve Miner. He would go on to direct the next film, Friday the 13th Part III (1982), because this film wasn't too bad, so give him another one to do. Minor is also known for directing House (1985) and Lake Placid (1999).6.6 (C- MyGrade) = 7 IMDB

That's III, as in 3D.Friday the 13th Part III (1982), was shot on location in Saugus, California. The previous two films were shot in New Jersey and Connecticut, making this film the first film in the series to be shot in California. If it wasn't for the New Jersey sign seen in the cemetery in the first film, it wouldn't be such a big deal, that New Jersey has changed so much, since the first film. If you continue to watch the Friday the 13th films, Crystal Lake changes a lot. Just pretend its New Jersey. The film starts with a flashback of the events from the end of the second film. After the beginning credits are over, the new story begins. This is the film, that changed the Friday the 13th movies into the Jason Vorhees movies. One hour into the movie, Jason puts on the hockey mask and the franchise is born. What is strange about this film, is you never hear his name mentioned or his mother mentioned again after the beginning credits. For the rest of the movie, he is just a nameless, disfigured creature. No one really mentions why he is attacking or where he came from, but we all know. I didn't want to pay Amazon $2.99 for the rental on this, so I went back to the old DVD collection and behold, I had a copy of this on DVD. What is really cool is I had the 3D version too. This film was part of the 1980s 3D movie craze. The 3D craze before that, was the 1950s. I'm not a big 3D supporter. I always felt it was a gimmick, so I usually won't bother with 3D versions. However, I have seen this film a couple times before in 2D, so for the heck of it, I watched it in 3D for the purposes of this review. The 3D on this film is pretty good. It is credited for being one of the more professionally produced 3D films of the 1980s. The dialogue, plot and acting is atrocious, so I would watch the 3D version of this. It is one of the rare moments I would recommend 3D.It's a very weak story. It has no real meat to it at all. It feels like they are just establishing a hollow story about an ugly killer in the woods. When you hear the beginning and end credit music, it sounds like Jason went pop too. It has a very 1980s feel to the music, that is hard to watch in the 21st century. I love 80s music, but sometimes it sounds cheesy in horror movies. This film has some history in it, that movie buffs can appreciate, most notably the 3D. I'm sure it is an important moment in horror film history too, being the birth of an iconic, horror film character. In some ways these 40 year old horror films seem to grow better with age. Critics and audiences back in the 1980s, were probably turned off by some of the violence used in some of the scenes, which added to the low reviews in 1982, but looking back at it from a 21st century perspective, when you see the violence in today's films, Friday the 13th Part III (1982), just played a small part in the evolution of the film industry. Getting past that, remembering it is all make-believe and appreciating all the hard work they did, doing these 3D effects, than you can enjoy this film a little more, as just a good classic horror film. 5.3 (D- MyGrade) = 6 IMDB

They open up Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984), just like the other sequels did, with a little prologue/recap of what has been happening during the first three films. After that, they roll the beginning credits. We get to this new story and we see the effects showing, that the franchise has been established. You can tell more money was poured into this one. Even with all the 3D technology used in the last film, this film would be the highest budgeted film in the series so far. As usual, they probably didn't need a lot of money for the cast. That is not a negative statement towards their acting, because there are big names in the cast, but they are just starting out their careers. Back to the Future (1985), star, Crispin Glover, is Jimmy, one of the teenagers in peril. The plot of the franchise turns its attention towards a new character, played by Cory Feldman, in one of his early film appearances. It is Cory Feldman's character, twelve-year old, Tommy Jarvis, that the franchise highlights as the main focal point moving forward. Your director for this film is Joseph Zito and this film might be the bright spot of his career. Also, legendary horror, make-up effects director, Tom Savini, returned to do the make-up effects for this film and say good-bye to Jason. Of course we all know, the following year the sequel came out, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985).As the new group of teenagers drive up to the camp, they drive past a cemetery, with a familiar name on one of the tombstones, Pamela Vorhees. I found it interesting, that the tombstone read, that her death year was 1979, making permanent, that the first film definitely took place in 1979. But, the timeline is weird, because the second film took place five years after the first film, with the third film giving no frame of reference as to when it took place. Since this film picks up right after the third film, once the beginning credits are over, you still aren't sure when this installment fits into the Jason timeline. I have noticed the music used in parts of these films, sounds like it was influenced by Bernard Herrmann's Psycho (1960), music score. Composer, Harry Manfredini, did do a very good job on the music for the Friday the 13th franchise.Tommy Jarvis, his mother Tracy (Joan Freeman) and his sister Trish (Kimberly Beck), live near Crystal Lake. Why they never knew much about Jason is beyond me. The new group of teenagers, move into the house next to them. One other important plot thread, seen early in the film, is the body of Jason is placed in the morgue at a hospital. The recently released, widely successful, Halloween II (1981), took place in a hospital and I think Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984), wanted to capitalize on that. Friday, the 13th needed their serial killer in-a-hospital movie too. So, as you guessed it, people are killed at the hospital and Jason's body disappears. Meanwhile, the brother of one of the slain victims from the last film, Friday the 13th Part III (1982), has arrived at the lake, searching for Jason. All of this happens early in the film. So, with Crispin Glover, hanging out with the other teenagers in one house, Corey Feldman and his family in the other house, Rob (E. Erich Anderson), the mystery man, with vengeance on his mind, camping in the backyard and a missing serial killer, possibly on the lose, the film goes from there. The finale to this one was a little bit of a disappointment, but totally sets up the next film.5.9 (D MyGrade) = 6 IMDB

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