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Philip Kuznetsov

Hotties In Short Skirts

These are universally flattering to petites, and that is why they are number one on our list of best skirts for petites. High waisted skirts are a perfect piece to elevate your waistline and improve the proportion of your body.

Hotties In Short Skirts

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A-line skirts are on the top list of best skirts for Petites because they are universally flattering, regardless of your body type. The shape is clean and the slight flare makes your legs look more slender.

The best length for petite women is slightly above the knee or at the knee. Because of the A line shape, if you are wearing a very short skirt and want to avoid showing your undies, make sure it is a skort.

If you wonder why, here is the reason: petite women needs length in their style in order to look taller. Maxi skirts and skirts create that long column of colors which vertically lengthens and thus makes petite girls look taller.

The best way for a short girl to wear maxi skirts is to pair it with a crop top. Doing so will double the leg-lengthening effect of the maxi skirt by further shifting the focus up. Plus, since maxi skirts already have so much fabrics, a crop top will balance it out and will not make you look like being worn by the clothing.

If midi skirts have slide slit, that changes the balance point of the look and will have a totally different visual effect. When you are walking or sitting down, the side slit shows some skin of your legs, which will make your legs look longer than they are and you will not look like drowning in fabrics.

For instance, grey stripes on a navy or black background could be very flattering to short women who want their bottom half to look smaller (like the petite pear shape). When picking out prints, make sure they are not too busy or too loud. Otherwise, they might make you look like drawn by the fabric.

As mentioned earlier, any vertical line in your outfit will help to create the illusion of height, thus is great for short women. So if you have never tried uneven hems, be sure to try them on and they could be a very pleasant surprise for you.

When hockey league practices end at Skate Safe in Old Bethpage, a group of women in short skirts, knee-length socks and roller skates take the rink. Most of the players are adorned with tattoos and piercings and wear clothing with skulls and crossbones. They call themselves names like "Felon of Troy" and "Mandy Slaughter." They are the members of Long Island's first all-women roller derby league, The Rockabetty Bruisers.

"Can you imagine that call to the police? 'Um, yes, I'd like to report about a dozen girls in short skirts and knee socks skating around - they must be stopped!'" Butterscotch Freundlich, or "Butterscotch Cripple" a 22-year-old art history major at the University, said.

Now, two years later, Danny tunes out the chatter of his Marine comrades and reflects on the bitter irony that, off the field, he had hardly been their man. He sullies his comfort in present camaraderie by reminding himself that no cheerleader would date a guy whose widowed mother cleaned rooms, a guy who lived in a trailer and had no car, a guy soon to drop out of high school and enlist in the Marine Corps. Maybe so, he tells himself, but they had [End Page 116] cheered for him. One fine day, the pretty girls in short skirts had cheered for Danny Stubbs.

Usman shared some of his frustrations with Dan over tea in his mud-walled home. "He told me that if you ask people here about democracy, they think it means girls in short skirts. Usman says he is trying to show them that they can have democracy with a beard [a symbol of piety] - that they can have human rights and keep their culture, too."

First visit to Lucky Strike Lanes (500 16th St., 303-629-9090): Jimmy and I walk in to eat dinner in the lounge a few weeks ago. The goliath room is super-chic dominated by dark reds, light woods, 12 lanes with projection-screens above them and pretty girls in short skirts.

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