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Pinup Girl Hairstyle

Complete all these various looks with a light hold spray. Then finish your look with some pinup girl makeup (red lipstick a must). Pull on your favorite frock, and be prepared for a night of fun and frivolity!

pinup girl hairstyle

Veronica LakeDuring World War II, Veronica Lake traded in her trademark peek-a-boo hairstyle at the urging of the government for a more practical, safer hairstyle. This was to encourage women working in war industry factories to follow her lead. Besides being a famous WWII pin-up girl, Veronica Lake also traveled throughout the U.S. to raise money for war bonds.

Painter Joaquin Alberto Vargas y Chávez is generally credited as the creator of the pin up girl as we know her today. His artwork for Esquire Magazine was so popular during the Second World War that around nine million copies of the publication were sent to troops around the world.

Pin up also had its share of controversy. Interestingly, both its strongest proponents and detractors were both women. Lovers of pin up style insist that the images present body positive images of happy and healthy women in charge of their own sexuality. Not too surprisingly, the other side cried depravity and the loss of morals. Despite the arguments, the glorious aesthetic of pin up girls have remained. These days, the arguments towards body positivity seem stronger than any complaints about morality.

Perhaps the best known and loved pin up girl, however, was Bettie Page. With her iconic bangs and her playful sexuality, Page is still the poster child for pin up. Although she started late in the game, in 1950, and only modelled for seven years, her impact is undeniable.

Polka dots, checks, leopard print, cherry print and stripes are all good choices for the pin up girl look. A cheeky Red Spot Halter Top will go well with capris, as will a Navy Daisy Evita Blouse. A classic black and white striped picnic top will go with anything.

To highlight your eyes, use dark liner. Black is best if you can get away with it but grey can work just as well if it suits your tone better. Heavily line and deepen your eyelids with eyeliner. A cat-eye effect is most common for the pin up girl look. Have your eyeliner wing out as it hits the outer corners of your eyelids.

There are a few accessories that can really top off a pin up girl look. Headscarves are always a good start. Not only do they look great and stylish, but they also free you up a little when doing your hair. They can be tied over your hair and knotted underneath as a headband or, most commonly, knotted at the top. Think of the iconic Rosy the Riveter for inspiration.

When choosing a handbag, as well as obviously matching your colours, look for retro touches. Any size can work, as long as it is retro and chic. A simple clutch or a fun novelty seashell bag are some great choices. Avoid tassels or anything overly chintzy. A pair of gloves can also top off your pin up girl look, in leather or cotton or even lace, depending on the rest of your ensemble.

[slideshow]These are pictures i took on my iPhone of the pinup girls/wargirls project i have been working on all week! A lot of work but so satisfying and fun to do 1940's hairstyles inspired by the famous pinup artist Vargas! It was on!!! Wigs,Stuffing, Pin Curls,Marcel Waving,Comb Outs,Back Combing,Hair Nets,Flowers... all equals FUN!!! The girls looked absolutely amazing! Agostina Lombardo did the beautiful makeup!, and Vanessa Geldbach did amazing styling! Photography by Clay Westervelt. I can hardly wait to see what he got!! This is for a huge world wide online gaming website that will be unveiled soon on battles with world war 2 planes,tanks, and ships! We already did appearances with the girls,photo shoot on the Uss Iowa ship in Long Beach and in studio pictures.There is a behind the scenes mini movie/biography that will be released also.All of this will be released soon. They are going to make huge old vintage like calendars of our pinup girls and playing cards and other goodies! You will also be able to put images of our girls on your warplanes etc. Each girl has her own character and talents. Fun!!!

The bun might be your go-to hairstyle when you're trying to keep your hair out of your face. But this twisted style can also be equally chic and beautiful, too, like the top knot, chignon, and even the clever sock bun. Now you can also add the rose bun to your repertoire this holiday season, with this tutorial that's not as difficult as it looks. Learn each of the steps, and get ready to wow everyone at your next party.

Milkmaid braids are making a comeback, and we were recently inspired by Nicole Richie's twisted crown. So why not combine the two? Give regular milkmaid braids a twist with this supersimple DIY hairstyle.

Veronica Lake was known for her gorgeous S wave and deep red lipstick, in addition to being a pinup beauty. To help you achieve that retro look, we break down the technique you should use to get those perfect vintage waves. Plus, get tips for re-creating the actress's classic makeup look.

Give your hairstyle a trendy boost this season with a braided topknot, much like the one Nina Dobrev was spotted wearing earlier this year. The style, which starts as a reverse French braid at the nape and flows up to the crown in a voluminous topknot, only looks difficult to recreate. In fact, this easy updo is best when you're not striving for total perfection.

Whether it's your first date or 400th, we have a hairstyle that's a departure from bombshell waves or an updo. Plus, it's 100 times easier to style. See the look from start to finish in our video tutorial.

Heard of a rope braid? It's one of the easiest hairstyles to pull off, and, after seeing how Fendi showcased them on the Fall 2012 runway, we decided to create our own interpretation for an everyday, wearable look.

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