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Where To Buy Mahabis Slippers

mahabis launched in 2014 with a mission to create simple, beautiful products to make life more comfortable. we began our journey with a reinvention of the traditional slipper, designed in london and now loved in over 100 countries worldwide.

where to buy mahabis slippers


mahabis are revolutionary slippers designed for the 21st century. we've redesigned the humble slipper from the ground up, fusing innovative techniques and materials with unbeatable comfort, to create a slipper like no other. inspired by scandinavian design, our minimalist range of slippers are designed to be worn both indoors and out. there are a range of styles to choose from, to suit your downtime and everyday adventures.

we have created four styles of mahabis, all with fixed, durable, sneaker-like soles, so you can wear mahabis however and wherever you like. mahabis classic have a warm felt upper and are lined with 100% lambswool to regulate your foot temperature. for a little more luxury, upgrade to our luxe range . you'll get all the warmth and comfort of the classic, with the added aesthetic benefit of a nubuck leather upper. our canvas collection has a water and abrasion resistant upper, made from technical knitted polyester. you'll never want to take this light, durable slipper off and now you don't have to. want all the comfort of the mahabis classic without the weight? mahabis flow is our flexible, lightweight slipper. designed to move with you.

to keep your mahabis looking fresh, use a damp cloth to clean and then let them air dry. machine washing can risk misshaping them so we don't recommend it, but if you choose to, be sure to use a low heat setting (e.g. 30 degrees).

we use a range of innovative and premium materials in mahabis slippers to ensure they're incredibly comfortable, yet practical too. whilst each collection is slightly different, all mahabis slippers currently feature a contoured foam insock, collapsible neoprene heels and tpu soles.

our classic slipper features a 100% lambswool lining and wool-blend upper, whilst the mahabis flow range is crafted from a lightweight, breathable mesh. mahabis luxe are made from a supple nubuck leather upper, lined with a cloud-soft merino wool blend. the mahabis canvas range has a water and abrasion resistant upper, made from a technical knitted polyester, lined with wool, and is finished with a fixed tpu sole.

eek! these are no longer available. in july 2018, after extensive research, we introduced a new, sneaker-like sole. it's fixed to the slipper and made from a highly durable, performance-grade tpu (just like the detachable soles we featured before). we're pretty excited, and hope you'll love the new design an even more comfortable and practical slipper, that you can now wear further and for longer. all day, everywhere.

our flow slippers, from the original mahabis collection with detachable soles, are totally wool free. the primary components of the slipper are vegan (a mesh upper, eva or tpu sole, and textile lining) but we can't totally rule out traces of animal products used in the glue and manufacturing process. the lambswool lining of the classic, luxe and canvas collections is backed onto synthetics rather than sheepskin.

all mahabis have a foam footbed that offers adaptive support to the natural contours of the foot. if you purchased mahabis with detachable soles, you'll notice lighter arch support and a more relaxed fit.

our original slipper design featured detachable soles that clipped on and off. for our latest releases (the mahabis classics, canvas, luxe and flow), we introduced a new, sneaker-like sole. it's fixed to the slipper and made from a highly durable, performance-grade tpu (just like the detachable soles we featured before). we're pretty excited, and hope you'll love the new design†an even more comfortable and practical slipper, that you can now wear further and for longer. all day, everywhere.

if you own a pair of mahabis slippers with detachable soles, then you can attach them simply using the popper fastening at the heel. we suggest slipping the front of the slipper into the curved edge of the sole first, before clipping them at the back. finding it tricky? no worries, just click here.

super. redeem your discount by entering the code at the first stage of checkout (click 'show order summary' on mobile and table to enter the code, and don't forget to hit apply!). note that discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, that they're valid on full priced items only, and that delivery charges and gift cards are excluded too. codes will only work at happy shopping!

when we can, we'll give you the option to pre-order unavailable items. you'll see the option on the product page, where possible. we'll give you an estimated time frame and make sure you receive your order as soon as stock is available. easy.

yes we do! and if you need your mahabis by a certain date, we recommend this option. click here for country specific options and prices, and note that you need to place your order before 1pm uk time, so that it ships the same working day (if you place it after 1pm it'll ship the next working day).

uh oh! we're sorry to hear that. wherever you are in the world, please use our returns centre to get in touch with us and we'll see what we can do. you need your 9 or 10 digit order number which you can find in your order confirmation email and in your order paperwork.

1) request your return via our returns centre. the team will review and authorise your request 2) we'll email you a personalised address label and return instructions 3) return your items to the address on the label 4) we'll refund your original order payment or process your exchange request when†i) you reply to our email with your return tracking details OR ii) we receive your items at our UK warehouse what is the mahabis christmas returns policy? we extend the returns eligibility period and orders placed between 15th november and 10th december so orders may be returned until 10th january. returns requested for orders placed in this period after 10th january will not be eligible for return. all returns are subject to our conditions below.

The mahabis recycling scheme is a program we are running with First Mile to prevent mahabis from going into landfill. We take your old mahabis, turn them into other useful products, and reward you for your good work.

our warehouse in swindon will store your pre-loved slippers until they have enough for one big (and economical) shipment to first mile in cheshire, our recycling partner. first mile then give your mahabis a second life by processing, shredding and transforming them into playground surfacing, roads, boxing bag inners, and a whole lot more.

mahabis is an award-winning footwear brand ripping up the rulebook by creating slippers that are functional, comfortable and beautiful; to help the world spend its time well, no matter what challenges and joys each day brings.

mahabis lives in the moment intentionally, in part through focused efforts on manufacturing, complying with ethical trade standards. Our mahabis slippers review taught us that mahabis is a fairtrade business, meaning that employees are treated well, paid a fair wage, and work in safe conditions. mahibas also maintains the calibre of its product by engaging with independent researchers to test their footwear. This process ensures that the slippers meet the criteria for highest durability, abrasion and sizing standards.

mahabis curve slippers welcome you home. They are an eco-friendly take on the Classic, made with a luxurious Italian felt upper using recycled wool and 100% organic wool lining. They have a supportive neoprene heel cradle and a unique over the toe design that protects from scuffing and wear. For $130 they come in a wide range of upper and sole colours including grey, black and stone uppers and bright orange, pinks, blues, green black and yellow soles.

The no-fuss slipper that simply slips on. Just like the curve slipper, the mule features a recycled wool upper and soft organic wool lining. What makes the mahabis mule different is an injected polyurethane footbed covered with a soft touch microfibre bringing amazing levels of comfort and cushioning.

Customers stated that the price was right for the quality of the slippers. They were also satisfied with excellent customer service and effective shipping and delivery. Customers returned to buy mahabis products and even outfitted their whole family in pairs!

There were some negative reviews on the slippers. A customer reported that the fabric pilled easily, affecting the aesthetic of the shoe. When the shoes were worn without socks, feet tended to overheat and sweat. When wearing a sock, it had to be thin, or else it was tight. The ankle support managed to pull socks down, according to reviewers. Customer service was not responsive to customers who complained about the quality of the shoe.

For the most part, the reviews were positive, endorsing the quality and comfort of the shoes. On the other hand, the wool lining and neoprene heel, which are supposed to be beneficial features, received negative complaints from customers. Despite the thoughtful manufacturing process and design of mahabis slippers, the mixed and polarized feelings of customers must be taken into consideration when purchasing the product.

Subscribe to the mahabis newsletter to learn more information about promotions and the latest news. When you sign up, you will receive a mahabis discount code for 10% off your first order. Continue to check back to the site regularly for a new mahabis discount code.

If you want a classic slipper design or to save a few bucks, you should get the Mahabis Classic 2 for $95. If you want your slippers to look as much like classic outdoor shoes as possible, you'll be happier springing for the nubuck leather of the Mahabis Luxe 2. The Classic 2 will still look distinctly casual in line at the local Duane Reade, but the Luxe 2 won't draw a second glance. 041b061a72

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