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Boom Hd 720p Movie Download

Boom HD 720p Movie - A Review

Boom is a Hindi comedy movie that was released in 2003. It stars Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, Padma Laxmi, Madhu Sapre, and Javed Jaffrey. The movie is about three supermodels who get involved in a diamond heist gone wrong and have to deal with the underworld. The movie is directed by Kaizad Gustad and produced by Ayesha Dutt.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with a fashion show sponsored by a diamond jewellery brand. Anu Gaekwad (Madhu Sapre), Rina Kaif (Katrina Kaif), and Sheila Bardez (Padma Laxmi) are three supermodels who are participating in the show. During the show, one of the models trips Anu on the ramp and a fight breaks out between them. In the chaos, hundreds of diamonds fall from the model's hair and are scattered on the floor. The diamonds turn out to be stolen from a gang of thieves led by Bade Mian (Amitabh Bachchan), Chhote Mian (Jackie Shroff), and Medium Mian (Gulshan Grover). The gangsters hold the three supermodels responsible for their loss and demand them to return the diamonds.


The supermodels try to escape from the gangsters by using their charm and oomph. They also get help from a police officer named Rajeev (Javed Jaffrey) who has a crush on Rina. However, they soon realize that they are in deeper trouble than they thought. The gangsters have connections with international criminals and terrorists who are after the diamonds as well. The supermodels have to use their wit and courage to survive the ordeal and get out of the mess.


Boom is a movie that tries to be a comedy, a thriller, and a satire at the same time. However, it fails to achieve any of these genres effectively. The movie is full of clichés, stereotypes, and absurdities that make it hard to take seriously. The plot is weak and illogical, the characters are shallow and annoying, and the dialogues are cringeworthy and vulgar. The movie also suffers from poor editing, cinematography, and music. The only saving grace of the movie is the star cast, especially Amitabh Bachchan who plays his role with flair and charisma. Katrina Kaif also makes her debut in this movie and shows some potential as an actress.

Boom is a movie that can be watched only for its unintentional humor and curiosity value. It is not a movie that can be enjoyed or appreciated for its quality or content. It is a movie that can be best described as a "boom" in the sense of a loud noise that leaves no impact.

Where to Watch

If you are still interested in watching Boom HD 720p movie, you can find it online on ZEE5. You can also find some other sources for downloading or streaming the movie on [this website] or [this website]. However, we do not endorse or recommend any of these websites as they may contain viruses or malware that can harm your device or data.

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